I am Nova Jane.

A proud founder, mumma of two, fitness junkie & self love advocate. GBANGER was a brand I had been looking for all my life but struggled to find. As a fitness lover I was super limited with what I could wear underneath my activewear. After many hours searching & not being able to find what I needed, I decided that I would create a brand that spoke my values & attained exactly what I was after in my everyday essentials. 

As a true blue Aussie and someone who loves being in my most natural form, it only felt right to create a seamless underwear brand & call it GBANGER. At GBANGER we are more than affordable, high quality, seam-free underwear, we are strong, empowered women who believe in living our best lives with the vessels we have been given. Our bodies are so much more than what we see in the mirror, but we’re not here to talk about putting attention on our appearance, that’s just the outer shell, the first layer. ‘We’re talking about cultivating an intimate relationship with the ancient intelligence of our bones. Learning to listen to the whispers of our cells and becoming attuned to what stories our bodies are telling us’ - Beqoming.

At GBANGER we are creating a community of women from all walks of life, women who have lost themselves, who are finding themselves and who have already found themselves. That’s the beauty of what we do & who we are, we want everyone to be a part of the movement that is GBANGER. We wanted to create a line of everyday essentials that were inclusive & catered to all body types to align with our values of being a body positive and inclusive brand. We are always working on new ideas and more sizing to make sure everybody is catered to.

We hope that you enjoy what we’re creating here at GBANGER & hope that you feel your best self and a sense of self love whenever you put on your GBANGER. We can’t wait to see you in them!

This is just the beginning and I’m so excited to bring you so much more as time goes on.

Love Nova Jane xx